At Z’s Vapor Dynasty we love bringing you the best articles related to electronic cigarettes and vaping culture. Here’s a list of vaping dos and don’ts that we found at OKC Vapes’ website:

Things you should do when it comes to vaping:

  • Do let your battery die completely before recharging. If you do not, your battery will never fully charge due to battery memory. A short lived battery is a frustrating battery.
  • Do let your battery completely recharge before using again. See reason above..
  • Do clean out the battery’s connection reservoir before you recharge it to avoid gunking up your connection and possibly shorting out your battery.
  • Do use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean out your battery’s connection reservoir at least once per week to keep your connection nice and clean. It is a good idea to do the connection on your charger, as well. Be sure to let them dry completely before attaching a tank to your battery or connecting your battery to the charger.
  • Do let your clearomizer sit for 3-5 minutes after you fill it the first time to give the wicks a chance to fully saturate and prime your atomizer. This will extend the life of your atomizer and help prevent a burnt taste while vaping.
  • Do allow your atomizer to cool down if you’ve been vaping for a while and it becomes hot to the touch. Unlike cigarettes, atomizers don’t function well when smoking hot and can burn and release acrolein, which is a byproduct of combustion. When your vape gets hot, let it sit for a few minutes before vaping again. This will extend the life of your atomizer as well as keep you from inhaling anything toxic, which is one of the reasons we all quit smoking in the first place.
  • Do keep your receipt when you make a purchase in one of our stores. We cannot exchange any products nor give you store credit for a defective item if you do not have your receipt.
  • Do ask us any and all questions you have about vaping, no matter how stupid you may think your question is. We were all vaping newbies once and there is a lot to learn. We are here to help you. Take advantage of that.
  • Do ask management before you vape in public places like restaurants. Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and, unfortunately, it’s so closely linked to smoking that most people, despite research to the contrary and the media’s incorrect reporting of said research, think that vapor is as toxic as cigarette smoke. It is best to comply with the rules of whatever establishment you are patronizing.
  • Do try out a variety of tanks and atomizers before you get frustrated and go back to traditional tobacco cigarettes. We have several types available and everybody has their favorite for different reasons. It takes a bit of experimentation to find the perfect fit for your particular needs. Got questions? Ask.

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Don’t do the following when using your vapor device:

  • Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever charge your battery in a computer USB port. Ever. These are not voltage regulated and can blow up your battery. The reports of exploding batteries you hear about in the news are more often than not from people who did this. They can also cause your computer’s USB port to become non-functional. Always use the AC wall adaptor made specifically for your USB charger or use an appropriately regulated USB car charger.
  • Don’t leave your e-liquid, device or batteries in a hot car or direct sunlight. Heat and light will cause chemical reactions in your e-liquid, including leaving you with juice you can’t use. Heat and sun can melt the adhesive that keeps your plastic clearomizer tank attached to its base, causing your clearo to leak e-liquid everywhere, ruining your clearomizer and possibly your battery. As with all electronic devices, extreme temperatures at either end of the spectrum can cause irreparable damage.
  • Don’t lay your clearomizers on their sides. Try to keep them upright or at least tilted at an angle that keeps the e-liquid from flooding the atomizer as this can wreck it. If you take a puff and get fluid into your mouth, take off the tip and blow through the post to clear the e-liquid that has collected there.
  • Don’t leave your battery on its charger overnight. Most batteries take from 2-5 hours to charge completely. Anything over this, and you risk overcharging and ruining your battery. It is best to take it off of the charger as soon as you see that your battery is fully charged.
  • Don’t use acidic e-liquids in a plastic tank. All of our highly acidic liquids, AKA Tank Crackers, are well marked both in our stores and on our website. These liquids will crack a plastic tank quickly, potentially ruining your battery. If you like to vape an acidic liquid, use a metal or Pyrex tank.
  • Don’t keep your device in the pocket of your jeans. The movement of your body can damage your tank, your battery, or both. We recommend a lanyard or a pro-clip for keeping your device within hand’s reach and damage free.