What is all the temperature control fuss about?

They’re all the rage in the vaping world right now. But what are temperature control devices? Why do we want and need them in our lives?

Temperature control mods do exactly what they say, they control the temperature of the coils in your atomizer to prevent them from getting too hot and burning or charring your wick.

Sounds great, but why would we need this?

In recent times there have been several studies showing that there is formaldehyde released when vaping.  As blown up by the media as it may be, it is a legitimate health concern for e-cigarette users.

But where does the formaldehyde come from? Formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are natural byproducts of the decomposition of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, most commonly referred to as PG and VG. When the PG and VG bases in e-juice are heated to a certain temperature, they break down on a molecular level and release formaldehyde. The formaldehyde released is harmless because they are bound to other compounds in the PG and VG, but on their own, if they separate, they can be a hazard. This is similar to how there are cyanide molecules in apricot seeds that are harmless when you eat an apricot and the seed. The cyanide molecules never get a chance to break free in your digestive tract.

Ok great, what does this have to do with temp control devices?

When you are dry firing your coils you’ll notice they get red hot but this does not happen when you have a wick soaked with e-Liquid. The liquid keeps the coils cooler and prevents them from turning red. But when you’re vaping a lot and your wick starts to dry out, the temperature of your coils will raise and start to burn your wick, giving you a horrible nasty taste that you might be familiar with. Not only is it disgusting to taste, these high temperatures can heat the PG and VG to a high enough point where the formaldehyde molecules can be released into your lungs. This is bad.

A temperature control mod solves this problem by never allowing the coils to heat beyond the temperature you set the mod to. Keep in mind, this still does not make vapes 100% safe, it further reduces the already much lower risk level of vaping compared to smoking.

In order for a temperature control mod to work properly, you have to be using nickel wire. Why? Because when heated, the resistance of nickel increases at a fixed rate in proportion to it’s temperature. If you’re familiar with variable voltage devices, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a bad idea to use a high resistance coil with high voltage because it burns the hell out of your wick. that’s because the voltage stays the same. With a temperature controlled device, the voltage decreases proportionally as the resistance of the nickel coil increases, thus keeping your temperature set at or below where you set it.

Now what we do know is that cotton burns around 400° but this does not mean it can’t start to singe at lower temperatures. So if you want to prevent your cotton from burning, that’s where you want to set your temperature control. What we don’t know however, is at what temperatures formaldehyde is released when vaping. Fortunately, further research is being done to find out this exact issue which will eventually lead to vaping being even safer. More product development is also being down on temperature control devices to accommodate other types of wire such as titanium.

Sound good? Temperature control devices are a big game changer in the vaping world and we’re looking forward to seeing further developments.