VaporShark rDNA 40

Guide to Vaping did a great write up about the Vaporshark rDNA 40 box mod. We thought we might share this with you to help you in your mod selection process.

rDNA 40rDNA 40 Information

The rDNA 40 is a box mod manufactured by Vapor Shark, an electronic cigarette and e-liquid company based in Miami, Florida.  The VaporShark rDNA 40 comes in at just 3.25″ tall, 1.67″ in width, a mere 0.95″ in depth and has a sturdy weight of 6.8 ounces.  The device is made from zinc alloy and delivers a stunning appearance as it’s completed with a black matte finish.  It boasts a large uniquely placed OLED screen towards the bottom of the device, while running the length of the body is a magnetic door, which holds a replaceable single LG 2500mAh 35A 18650 battery.

The rDNA 40 features a gold-plated spring-loaded center pin, a fire button that illuminates blue on the edge when the button is pressed, red when the device is charging and green when the device has completed its charge.  It also features integrated wireless charging, a ZIP high-speed charging system, and a reverse polarity buzzer.  The rDNA 40 is powered by an authentic Evol DNA 40D Board, has the ability to fire up to 40 watts, supports 0.16Ω or higher and has temperature control.


Because the rDNA 40 is truly one of the greatest mods to ever hit the vaping market.  It has a stunning appearance, customization options to give it a more personal feel, and a sense of simplicity throughout the entire device, even though it’s one of the most advanced.  It offers one of the most consistent vapes available and it allows temperature control to be easily adopted by newer vapers since it lacks an elaborate on-board menu system and button combination.  It fits in the top 5 best temperature control box mods of 2015 because it’s a great device paired with the original temperature control chip that made this advanced portion of vaping what it has become.