Grab a friend and stop by Z’s on your next night out for Baltimore’s premier E-Vapor Hookah experience.  “Regular” hookah uses tobacco which damages your lungs and is bad for your health.  Instead of tobacco, our hookahs use “e-juice”–the same juice used in most e-cigarettes and “vape” devices, to deliver a pleasing hookah experience.  Now charcoal to mess with and no wasted “smoke”…instead, our hookahs hit smooth every time, and can be enjoyed with or without nicotine.

E-hookah experiences start at just $14.95, and include a complimentary beverage of your choice.  Bring a friend and get a second hookah hose for just $5 more.  E-hookah sessions last for 60 minutes and can be extended if you wish!  Check out our menu below, and stop by the store to be one of the first to enjoy our hookahs at Z’s Vapor Dynasty!